Is Today The Best Time To Sell?

Is today a good time to sell infographic

I believe the answer is “Yes”!

“For homeowners deciding whether to make a move this year, remember that listing prices – while lower than a few months ago – remain higher than in prior years, so you're still likely to find opportunities to cash-in on record-high levels of equity, particularly if you've owned your home for a longer period of time.”

Danielle Hale – Chief Economist,

In our real estate market here in and around Wichita, buyer demand is still high due to our still low inventory, as indicated in last months stats, with just a little more than 1 months inventory available. If you choose to price your home in line with the current market, which means a little less than what you would have a few months ago, you will be more likely to get an offer at list price. And within a week or two of going on the market.

Pricing is Key & Most Important!

It's still a Sellers Market in most price ranges today! But with interest rates higher, buyers are a bit choosier when looking and pulling the trigger on a home. They spend a bit more time with their considerations, especially when it comes to condition and location. Always remember:

The 4 reasons whether a home sells or not:

  1. Location… Location… Location! (You've most likely heard the saying)
  2. Condition. Absolutely! Because Buyers will want a reduction in price for every defect whether functional or cosmetic. Especially if one of the major areas (Plumbing, foundation, electrical or mold).
  3. Market demand. Your price range is the biggest factor here. Lower price ranges typically will have higher demand due to affordability to a bigger buyer pool.
  4. Price! The best advice here is… Don't get too greedy! Overpricing a property for sale is always the biggest error a seller can make. Pricing it more inline with CURRENT market demand will lend to a HIGHER return.

In summary- It's always a good time to Sell!

Real estate is always a great investment! People always need a place to live and are at different stages in life. Making it an industry that will never go out of style! And something that will never lose it's value to a certain extent. But with investment in improving or updating can reap the best returns!

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Is today a good time to sell infographic

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